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Meet Sterling Jones

Sterling is a beauty + lifestyle writer and content creator that’s originally from Atlanta, GA. Background in Art History and Beauty Marketing, Sterling loves to write and create content about the latest products, cultural trends and lifestyle brands on her blog, The Beauté Study (Formally known as All Silver Things). Her words have been featured on Nia Chantal Magazine, Voyage Atlanta, and The Black Wellness Community. She can be found on all socials under @thebeautestudy.

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Rihanna’s takeover of the beauty industry is not unexpected. It was years in the making. After her third studio album, Rihanna became known for her bold style as fashion’s it, girl.

In order to have a good life, you must experience what it is like to live your best self. What is your best self? Your best self is enjoying every single moment that is happening to you right now. 

When it comes to your wardrobe, there are always tricks that can take your look to the next level. The little details make a difference in your clothing and can turn your look from 0 to 100.