About the Brand

Estée Lauder has been a visionary in the beauty space for decades. The brand was created by Estée Lauder, who knew what women wanted in their beauty routines. As the brand is known for its aspirational and approachable printed images, we created a 40-page beauty look book inspired by the brand, Estée Lauder.


A mother and her daughter grew up bonding over makeup. From playful makeovers and detoxifying face masks, it was a part of her childhood and some of the best memories she had with her mom. Now, she is growing up and leaving the nest. At first, she is hesitant to open up her make up again. But, once she does, many incredible memories return and she once again feels at peace.


We completed this campaign in one week.


We create a brand campaign inspired by Estée Lauder with a 40-page beauty look book, one proposal book, one process book, two media buys, a video campaign and 10 best images

Our Team

Fashion Producer: Madison Henry and Valeria Galipoli
Product Placement: Valeria Galipoli
Product Knowledge/Copy: Sterling Jones
Styling/Wardrobe: Sterling Jones
Fashion Photographer: Sabrina Lonsdale
Photographer Assistant: Oriana Micacchioni
Mother Model: Laura Rothballer
Daughter Model: Leigh Anne Patterson
Fashion Production Designer: Madison Henry
Design Director: Madison Henry
Look book Artwork: Valeria Galipoli
Video Visual Effects: Valeria Galipoli
Professor: Oscar Betancur, Fashion Marketing and Management 210