7 Great Apps You Can Use to Create Content

Content Creators have been benefiting from the various apps out there to create content. Compared to the early days of Youtube, apps were mostly computer-based and took some time to understand. Now, you can easily download a couple of apps on your phone to create content for your social media channels. Here are some key apps that you can use to create content.


One of our favorite apps to use for photo editing is VSCO. It’s great for a feed constantly to make sure your feed aka your brand looks that same. have a VSCO X membership that gives me a chance to use more filters and more tools that they have. It’s a free app but, the VSCO X membership is a paid subscription.


Canva has really stepped it up in the creative department with their templates. I like to use their platform to make sure that my image size is the best. Canva is great for creating my brand pitches and media kits. I personally find it easier to use than InDesign. The best part is it is free to use but there are some features that are premium.

Photoshop Mix

One of my favorite photo apps to use for content creation. I use this app to create my special IG stories like my iPhone stories. It is helpful for my branding because it has my selected brand typography in-app for me to use. I do not have to go on my laptop to use the special Adobe font. You can also use the cutout tool to remove a background. Easy and it’s free but you need to sign up for an Adobe account.


One of the best secrets of Instagram users is this app. You can easily use it with videos, photos, and collages.  You can correctly size your content according to the best size on different platforms. It’s a great app to use for video editing since it’s easy to use. I made this video on the platform. This app is free but they do have more features that you can purchase. Personally, I don’t think you need to purchase this app.


Scheduling apps are a key way to build your content and maintain your audience. I use Planoly, an Instagram-based scheduling app that has key features I love. I place all my photos and stories in for the week, add some empty placeholders, create captions, and create key hashtags with different photos. You can see your comments and analytics in the app as well. You can automatically post your photos. It’s a free app but, you can get more features with a membership. They also have an IG Stories app called StoriesEdit.


This app is a goldmine for content creators. It’s a free imagery app that other photographers post their beautiful photos for you to use in any way. All they ask is to source and tag them to keep using their content. It’s a good way to get your content out there on the blog, Instagram stories, and ads.


Instagram is also great for creating Instagram stories. You can use gifs, the stylus tool to draw and add key features like hashtags and location to your stories. A secret tip: if you have an iPhone, you can copy a photo from your Photos app and place it into Instagram stories. It’s a cool feature specifically for transparent background images too.

These are key favorite apps that I use for creating content on Instagram. Don’t forget to follow me at @thesterlingstudy