How to Develop Your Base of Beauty

Beauty is something that should be a ritualistic experience for you. I am a fan of investing first in your base: your body, skin, hair, and teeth. If you want to improve your external beauty, these are the first investments that should make. Each investment in your body from your hair, skin and teeth can elevate your look for the greater. Clothing should be adornments to your base, not the centerpiece.

What does an elevated base look like? 

Each portion takes time and attention to develop. Smooth skin affects how you place your makeup on your face. A healthy body affects how your clothes lay, wrap and caress you. Whiten, straight teeth changes how your face looks. A signature brow shape changes your facial expressions.

Your base should be your balance between your adornments (clothing, nails, jewelry, etc). They are the star and the signature of what you are aiming to represent to the world. Your adornments should compliment them to boost their potential. Hence, the ritualistic acknowledgment of your base is a symbol of worshiping the body that was given to you. 

How do you worship your base?

Your base should be your BASICS first. Don’t go for the quick fixes with your bases. It takes time to understand and acknowledge what your actual base is versus what society wants your base to look like. In my 31 Days of Beauty challenge, I have previously taken the time to figure out what works best for me as a person. 

It comes down to doing your skincare routine by understanding what your skin type is, what are your skin goals and how to protect your skin from stressors. Next, it’s important to learn how your body functions and works as an individual. Once I began to understand my fertility, I had an awareness of how my body works best with the worship I give it. Then, I approached my hair with open eyes to understand its texture, how it grows and how it looks in its natural state. Finally, I build a relationship with my teeth and how it helps me chew the delicious food that I love. I learned how to take care of them by investing in braces, flossing, and whitening as the final step. 

As a reminder, your adornments like clothing and jewelry change with the times. It goes through seasons but, nothing beats the growth and dedication to your base. Start with the 31 Days of Beauty post to give yourself a starting point of how to appreciate your base.