Letter from Me to You: On Being Uncomfortable

Do you ever reach a time when you feel stuck, uncomfortable and ready to stop? For me, it’s always around the winter time. The desire to let go, retreat and embrace the art of resting.

As this year continues, I have been reflecting on my writing process and what I provide to you as a member of my community. As a creator, I naturally love to give content that is meaningful and useful to you. However, I am realizing as I continue to create things, my best work came from letting myself flow.

What do I mean by flow? I allowed myself to receive the words and give life to them on this platform. They built as chapters and interwoven stages versus strict, planned guidelines. It’s possibly why I haven’t finished the Class Development series as intended. I find myself further and further away from that focus of writing as I continue to live my life as I intend to you.

For you, I wanted to ask the following questions for your journaling purposes

  1. What portion of your life are you letting things positivity flow into your life?
  2. What portion of your life are you unnecessarily strict?
  3. What portion of your life do you feel uncomfortable?
  4. What portion of your life do you feel tired of?
  5. Where do you feel you could do better (this or better as my guides have said to me)?

I realize over time when I stop demanding things to come to me immediately that I finally receive what I want. Has this happened to you? I would love to hear your thoughts!

As I continue to write, I am returning to creating this content like I did before — my love letters to you. I began to get too serious with my writing but my love letters are eternal.

With love,