Understanding Class: A Class Development Series (Introduction)

This new series will focus on class development and structures in several chapters. Class is more than physical appearance. It includes things like where you go to school, network, beliefs, the cars you buy. It will go into luxury beliefs with an understanding of social dynamics.

If you are in the level ‘Operations,’ this series will include an evergreen list of materials to assist you in understanding class structures, moving into these class structures, and adapting.

In this series, we will be answering these key questions:

  1. What is the definition of class, and what is the history behind it?
  2. How does America view class structures?
  3. How have class structures changed in America’s modern society?
  4. What are ways that people move up classes?
  5. What are social dynamics?
  6. Why are social dynamics important to social climbing and networking?
  7. What are the differences between how the wealthy network versus new money?
  8. What are the differences between female social climbing and male social climbing?


One essential value to understand about class structures is the aspect of time. Class is built with time and development. It can happen in different ways, like your family putting in the time to build their wealth and network to become a new class. Or you are moving up a class yourself by getting an education, making your network and wealth. You have more time to delegate when you have more income and networking opportunities. Time is valuable for those looking to improve their class status.

As this series continues, please join the conversation by commenting your thoughts below each chapter and joining other Discord members about this. If you have any ideas or questions, place them down below.