5 Lessons I’ve Learned about Friendship

Captured by Stefan Trotman

This year was special. This was a year of exploration, hardship, and filled with amazing support from various friends alike. Friendship is an important thing to me and I have learned so much from it. Here are 5 lessons I have learned about Friendships:

Captured by Stefan Trotman

It’s okay to find different friend groups.

This is definitely not shown more especially in the media. It’s okay to have and find different friend groups for your interests. It shows that you are a person with a well-rounded personality and interests. I have friends I have met at different events, I have friends from university, friends from high school, and beyond. I love all of them in different ways. They inspire me daily.

Being vulnerable with someone does not mean you are weak.

Mental health is being talked about more and more in with Millenials and Gen Z. Finding someone who is confident and gives you advice is great. Also, remember they are not obligated to have this role in your life. Relationships are a two-way street filled with feelings, communication, and energy. Protect your energy while making sure you are mentally sound.

Captured by Stefan Trotman

Support your friends not just when it benefits you!

Go to their events, buy their merch, and  give honest feedback. What if you are low on cash? Ask is there anything physical you can do like helping them putting things together. Can’t make the event? Donate some money to go to the event. Simple, easy, and supportive.

Sometimes you have to let go of a friend.

There are times when a friendship cannot be saved. Don’t hold on. Release yourself and them from the toxic relationship the friendship has become. Sometimes, you need to let you go save yourself (and sometimes they don’t want to let you go). Feel free to remove them from your life. The unfollow button is a great tool as well. Block that number and move on.

Captured by Roy Handy

Make time for yourself and your friends.

As we grow and age, don’t forget the people that supported you. A short phone call, text, and email are now right at your fingertips. No more “I see you when I see you”. If you and your friends are busy, schedule an actual friend date. Go to the movies, see a concert, go to lunch, etc. Actually, follow through with your plans and make them concrete.

2018 was a year where I built and expanded upon the relationship I made in 2017. I met so many beautiful, kind, and inspiring people in my life this year. Many of them brought joy into my life and challenged me in ways I cannot explain. Thank you.

In this letter to friendship, I leave you with this advice. I believe in the idea that you can curate your life and experiences through the influences you have. The new year is around the corner. Is your life where you want it to be? Don’t just sit there. Friendship is more than just seeing people when something major happens. It’s not just birthdays, New Year, and Christmas parties. Celebrate the day-to-day moments that no one talks about like supporting your friends when they are down, cheering them on, watching them create their business, etc.