How to Build Your Home Scents

Let’s chat about scenting your home! Home scents can signal to yourself that you have arrived in your den. Even to other people, you walk away from home with the smell of your den. Ever since I was a child, I would visit friends and finally understood why they smelled the way the smelled — because of their home!

What you do you want your home to smell like? Remember this includes your natural essence alongside ritualistic patterns of making your home smell pleasant. Home is the hearth and your den. To rely on the comfort of your home and your essence will remind yourself (and your brain) on memories that are important to you. If you have taken my fragrance classes at The Beauté Study, you are aware that your brain remembers certain memories through the power of scent.

Today we are going to test this experience through your home building. Once I began to build a new home with my family, we each had our desires for what the family scent should be. Some of us wanted more light & airy scents. Others wanted woody and musty scents in the home. We were all reminded that we had our special domain (bedrooms, speciality rooms) to make our own.

To begin to test the power of scent for yourself:

  • Cleanse your home of any foul resistance and residue from unpleasant odors
  • Air out your home and clothing to remove any previous scents
  • Look into the cleansers that you use for your home from clothing to home cleaning
  • Select new scents in items like incenses, candles and scent waters like Florida water to scent your home

Remember to treat your home as an addition of your being. What type of scents are you building in your home?