How to Apply My Strategy Content

In all of life, there is joy in figuring out what works for you. Life is full of customization, from where you grew up to where you are going. This mini-essay will discuss critical tips on how to apply my strategy-centered content to your life. 

When I was a child, I had an art teacher who was all about self-discovery and knowledge. Her favorite saying was, “Ask three before me.” For her, it meant asking three people around you about her directions if you missed anything. I later took it as: ask, find and discover three sources in life. In this saying, I am one of your sources that provides insights and a brief guide for you to explore independently. 

Many times, I have had people assume that my answer is the end of all. Simply, life depends on your questions and answers. The key questions I recommend asking yourself about my content:

  • Is this content relatable to me at the moment? Yes or no — why? 
  • How can I utilize this content as a starting point on my life path? 
  • If this content inspires me, how and why should I take the initiative to apply it to my life? 

These three starter questions can give you a sense of perspective on how to apply. Please use these questions and other of your custom questions to build on your ideas. This is where the aspect of silent mentorship comes into reality. In the Western world, we have access to knowledge through books, education, and online spaces. Use them to your advantage as a starting point. 

Finally, you must begin where you are. Remember what you see from each person, including myself — they are at different points of their life on their journey. Having the mentality to begin where you are making things less complicated and overwhelming if you compare yourself to someone at the “end of their journey.” That’s one of the stresses of accessibility, but you can focus on the pros. Believe in yourself that you can make the changes as you decide to. 

Today you may decide that enough is enough. Do it. Make the changes you desire. Remember to live well and customize your life for yourself.