How to Change Your Season for the Better

Welcome back to the Sterling Study membership. One of the things that matter most to me is the idea of strategic planning. It is easier to take control of your life if you place yourself on the steering wheel and map out your ultimate course. In this blog post, we will be reflecting on the upcoming fall season on what you can do to recharge your course to close out this year with a new win.

Before you do anything, please take a moment to join the Discord community with all the other members. Every Friday, we have a celebration of our wins for each week and we are taking a moment to look at our past wins from each month for August.

Review your Yearly Goals & Wins

To understand where you want to go, you need to know where you are and where you have been. You can live your life to the fullest with your goals. Each goal that you create should be kept in mind on your internal work and motivation. You can be influenced on which path to take by other people. However, the results are tied to you and your effort towards them.

As human beings, we all need to have goals to reach. It challenges us to continue with our existence, and it brings life into us. Once you finish that goal, celebrate it as a win for yourself. But, remember that this win is for you — not anyone else.

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Understand Time & Planning are your Friends

Make time your friend, not your enemy. Yes, we cannot control how time runs its daily duties. However, you can control how you benefit from your time and attention. For example, I took the time in May of 2020 to get a therapist to help me with my internal work. I took the time out of my day to sit for an hour with my therapist every single week. Next, I took time outside of the appointment to do my assigned homework. I made sure to go the extra mile to read resources, experiment with new approaches, and take control of my life. Last month, my therapist said to me, “Sterling, you have completed your treatment plan. Look at all of these things that you have done. You took out the time to do this on your own.” I made time my friend.

Make planning your friend, not your enemy. It will benefit you in the long run to have a plan on what you want to do in the future. Yes, the pandemic has change so many plans for each one of us. However, planning must be active, not passive. Planning goes through multiple changes from the choices that are made. It is essential for your success that active planning must be a ritualistic routine for you. Once I understood how I like to plan out my life, time aided me in my plans. Remember, you can plan your whole life but, you must take action on them.

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To stay in your fears lead to ruin

Of course, there are healthy fears like not getting too close to a cliff because of the height. However, there is a moment when your fears can become unhealthy. To have your flight or flight mode triggered 24/7 by unhealthy fears would lead to becoming anxiety-filled, not accomplishing your goals, and having a lonely life. To change this, you must take responsibility for your emotions. Emotions can be tools to guide you on your journey versus a prison warden overlooking your every move.

It all comes down to trusting yourself, trusting your decisions, and being independent of others. There is only one life that you know of to live, and you should aim to live it to the fullest potential that you can be. Internal work is going to be an essential part of letting go of your fears. Cutting and opting out of things that are not healthy for you will lead to happiness.

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I hope you take the time to review with yourself what you want to change this season. One of the best lessons is to return to the basics to ensure that your foundation is solid. The smallest of changes makes a significant difference in the long run towards your goals.