How to Make Systems Work For You

Last week, we discussed the Art of Resting in depth. Resting is an essential part of your everyday well-being. It prevents burnout, fatigue, and overwhelm. Did you know that you can build personalized systems to help you get your work done, enough rest, and keep a consistent self-care ritual? In this blog post today, we will be developing this technique much further.

Asset your priorities

The first thing I want you to do is to take a look at your list of priorities. It can include what is on your to-do list, schedule, and personal action plan. However, I want you to think about what needs to come first on that list. The answer is you. Without you, the ship cannot continue to function correctly. It is essential to put yourself first on the list.

For example, my priority list:

  1. Sterling
  2. School
  3. My Business
  4. Internships

After I assessed my priorities, I take a look at my schedule. Am I setting up enough time to take care of myself? What do I need to help me? For example, I set up every Thursday to be my appointment day. From getting my hair done to my nails done, I do not answer any non-important emails or calls on this day. Everything here has been scheduled for my benefit.

As for the work and school list, you need to ask yourself: what are the top three things I need to accomplish today? The reason why I only say three things is you can become overwhelmed with more.  Of course, you may be completing more than three tasks a day, but these are your objectives.

Action step: Complete the list and look at which things on your to-do list today to move to another day. 

How to Keep Track of Time

Time is an important motivator today. We are always on the go to complete the next thing on time. Do you realize how much time you spend on a task? This is an important question to ask yourself. It can give you the ability to understand which tasks need more attention and others to do quickly with efficiency.

Action step: Use a stopwatch (on your watch or phone) to assess how long it takes you to complete a task. Make a note of how many times you get off of task before you finish. 

You can use an app like Forest or  PomoDoneApp to later take a selective amount of time to get your task complete without distractions. It will help you in the future on your list.

Add an Accountability Partner

One of my favorite parts of my system is my accountability partner. She holds me accountable for the goals I need to complete. It helps me with little reminders throughout our time together that I need to finish this task.

This system works well with me based on one of my love languages, words of affirmation. It makes me feel happy when my accountability partner edifies me for completing my task. It makes me feel challenged and want to do better when my accountability partner calls me out for not completing my task.

If this is your love language, it will be an essential tip to use in your system. If you are not, you can use this system, but you may need more of a push. If you don’t know your love language, take the time to research the ‘5 love languages test’. 

Out of all these systems, you need to discover what system is the best for you. Each person is different in how they work and engage with themselves. I want you to understand that you are the first on the priority list. You cannot put a mask on someone else without putting it on yourself first.

Make sure you take action on these steps and find a system that works for you.