How to Restart from the Basics

In this blog post, the focus is on how to rebuild your foundation to remain on track. Each one of us is going through changes daily. The key part of remaining strong is a firm foundation (aka going back to the basics). You build your mansion of life from the firm foundations of its home.

New Season, Better Foundation

Each season, it is a great time to check out your foundation. The basics are what make up the core of your vision for the future. Understanding what makes you the greatest is understanding that core. How can you check your foundation? Let’s break it down into two examples.

Example 1: Beauty

A new season gives you a change to change color, products, rituals etc. However, there are some beauty rituals that you do every single day. This is your foundation ritual.  A good foundation ritual is how you take care of your skin, your hair and your body. This quote here is a good mindset to have:

“Work on your base, then decorate yourself.” – echo0oo0o

Example 2: Mindset

The best thing about life is that you can start over anytime you wish. You need the mindset to do that first. Building a foundation ritual of how you get up in the morning to how you go to bed is a starting point for mindset. Another good one to make is what happens when you are under heavy stress or trying to meet a goal!

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is there anything apart of this ritual that I can improve on to make my life easier?
  2. What are the things that I need to set my ritual up for success?
  3. How can I make this ritual as personal as possible to my wants and needs?

Utilize your Resources

Learn to use the basic resources around you to benefit you in the long run. I am a firm believer in finding three different resources first before you engage with an expert or expensive course. Why? You need to understand what you are getting into and learning the background of what you want to pursue is better.

Being informed helps you make better decisions. It builds a foundation where you can always go back to. If you don’t like something, it’s easier to go to the basic starting point to begin again.

Ask yourself

  1. Are you using the basic resources around you to aid you in your journey?
  2. What resources could you use more in your life?
  3. What resources are giving you difficulty to use?

Be Accountable

In order to return to the foundation, you need to be accountable to yourself to understand what is not working and what is. Being honest and listening to yourself will help you on your path. Even in something like beauty, being accountable when your makeup doesn’t look as presentable as it could be is something to consider. Or even when your fragrance is too strong for the environment you are in.

Accountability is avoided by many today, which leaves people in a foolhardy state of being. Not you — you take action and try things out to be accountable to yourself & your goals.