How to Store Perfumes

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Have you ever wondered why your favorite perfume doesn’t last long? It could be how you store it. Learn how to store perfumes to make them last a long time.

I am going to shake some tables here but don’t put your fragrances in your bathroom or on your vanity. 

I want better for you so let me tell you why. 

Those beautiful photos that you see on Pinterest showing many fragrances on a vanity look good but damage your perfumes. When you place your fragrance in direct light, it can lighten the ‘jus’ or spray inside of it. It can also warm up the fragrance in the bottle and age it faster.

Fragrance in Light

Have you ever gone to the fragrance counter in a department store and seen how the testers under the light look different? 

The bright lights where the fragrance has been placed have destroyed the product. This is where you must be careful about where you place your products. It is also the reason why some department stores will not take fragrances back.

Fragrance in Bathroom

Now, what about your bathroom? Yes, humidity can affect the bottle over time. Humidity can mess up the bottle over time. It can enter the small spaces in the bottle and humidity gives off heat.  This includes under the sink which can give off humidity. 

How to Store

Now that you know this, where should you place them? I would recommend you place them in a dark place without any light, humidity, or ability to get wet. 

Personally, I am a fan of IKEA’s Alex drawers to place your collection in. It is the perfect place to keep in a dark and dry environment to extend its life cycle. This is how you can store perfumes to make them last longer.