What to Look for in a Nail Salon?

The Water Room ATL

As I am excited to get back into nail care outside the home. My nails have always been long and healthy. But, as I got into my journey in salons, I found my nails have been coming damaged due to the tools, nail lacquers, and techniques. In my research, I created a list of characteristics of what I was looking for in a nail salon. 

Small Salon

As COVID is here, I wanted to have a smaller salon with great professional service. A small salon makes me feel safer and catered to. 

That one on one service in a smaller salon is excellent. It helps me get to know my nail tech and get familiar with the staff. 

Techniques & Tools

For my natural nails, I avoid nail technicians that use heavy trolls like drills on my nails. The reason why I avoid this because of the damage to my nails from past nail tech using it. 

I prefer nail technicians that use techniques to shape the nails naturally with files. It benefits your nails for the future of their health.


I make it a priority on the ingredients for nail lacquer and sanitation. In COVID, everyone is becoming more serious with their health including in the beauty industry. 

The reason why I prefer nail polish that formulated without 7 free ingredients and gel-like formulas. I avoid acrylics because of the damage they can cause to nail. 

Fair Wages

After I learned that many nail salons treat their workers, I made it a firm decision that I wanted to be sure that they were paid fairly. In an article from the New York Times, there have been reports that do not give tips to their technicians with fair wages. Technicians have spent long hours making sure that your nails are as perfect as you would like. 

I rely on build the connection with my nail technician and I want to be sure that is appreciated as their client. 

After a long search for a new nail salon, I found the Water Room Salon in Atlanta that fit my needs. My nail goals include making sure that my nails remain healthy. Using this starter list helped me understand what are my goals and find a technician to help me accomplish those goals.