How to Make your Perfume Last Longer

Everyone’s dying question about perfume always includes “How can I make my perfume last longer?” Remember, perfume is personal to you and how you apply it has an effect on your scent. Learn how to make your perfume last longer. 

One of my favorite ways you can make your perfume last longer is through a technique called Fragrance Layering. Fragrance Layering is the technique that extends the smell of perfume by pairing it with a lotion, gel, balm, or oil
This technique is why in your gift set or gift with purchase, a brand will give you a matching lotion or shower gel. 
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How to Apply

First, you take a lotion or balm to use on your hands, wrists, and other pulse points. I recommend using an unscented lotion to begin this process before you become more comfortable with layering. Products like Nivea, CeraVe, and — are great to start with. You want to rub your lotion in but, it is still tacky on your skin. 
Next, you would apply your perfume on the pulse point areas. Depending on what type of perfume you are using, the more sprays you will need. Personally, I love to use only two sprays on my wrists with Eau de Parfum. 
Remember not to rub your wrists. This causes friction between your skin which warms up the fragrance. Your body naturally gives off body heat and naturally warms it up for you. When you add the friction immediately, the alcohol has not evaporated yet nor has your perfume settle
Then, you are done. It’s a quick technique to improve your scent but as you advance in wearing fragrances you can build an entire scent ritual. You can layer different fragrances together as well. One of my favorite layers is a Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin lotion, Coco Chanel Mademoiselle EDP, and Gucci Guilty Love Edition pour Homme EDT
Now, what are your favorite fragrances to wear together? Watch my Youtube view on “How to Make your Perfume Last Longer.”