Brand Extension: COSRX New Product Launch & 360 Brand Campaign

In SCAD’s Beauty and Fragrance program class 330: New Product Launch class, this project was a collaboration between Sterling Jones, Brittany Health and Iris Kang. The goal of the project was to create a 360 brand campaign and brand extension. We have chosen​ the Korean Skincare brand, Cosrx. As a group, we decided what would logically be the next step for the brand when entering a new product category. We based it on the market, our target audience and what they use. We launched a new men’s skincare line for Cosrx​, and created a Day in the Life campaign video in collaboration with the filmmaker Alexander Pung.

Mockups: Brittany Health

Graphics: Sterling Jones, Brittany Health and Iris Kang

Film: Alexander Pung

See the entire presentation here.