Beauty Education: The Beauté Study Online Fragrance Classes

Starting in 2020, I began to teach how fragrance can be a tool of power to students online with my brand, The Beauté Study. My goal has been to teach you how to use the power of scent with fragrance to make you irresistible and memorable to every person you meet.

The classes started as a way to teach people how to engage with their senses even online. It grew from one class, How to Smell Irresistible, to four masterclasses, How to Smell Irresistible, How to Choose the Right Scent for You, The Art of Fragrance Etiquette and The Art of Perfumery (for beginning perfumers). The classes broke down the beginnings of scent, the language of fragrance, starting strategies to shop and make scents, and build your fragrance wardrobe.

Over 100 students from countries like United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Israel, Canada, and Mexico have joined the live classes to learn the power of scent. Now, the classes are available as a permanent option to watch at any time you wish in The Beauté Study‘s Beauté Vault.