Target Market Expansion: Kiehls Skincare Product Packaging & Development

Kiehl’s Equilibrium is a brand extension that focuses on creating a new collection targeted toward Generation Z and young Millenial consumers. The brand extension includes background research for Kiehl’s, market research and analysis, SWOT analysis, target consumer research, the extension style guide, the collection, multi-media channel marketing advertisements, and a press kit. The collection includes five products that are all cruelty-free, vegan and focus on natural ingredients. Primary and secondary packaging was redesigned to fit the new product line.

Presentation by Sterling Jones, Hana Lorne, Hannah Melvern, and Sam Pritchard

Website Design by Sterling Jones

App Design, Truck Design, Found Footage Video and Gifs by Sam Pritchard

Graphics and Ad Design by Hannah Melvern

Presentation Design, Press Kit, Ad Design, Social Media Mockups and Copywriting by Hana Lorne

Special thanks to Kate Bender, Industrial Designer, for product and packaging renders

Special thanks to Emily Budine (EBU), Photographer, for marketing photos

To see the full presentation, click here.