Beauty Education: The Beauté Study Platform

The Beauté Study is a platform created to help you find your beauty epiphanies through educational content from articles, reviews, interviews, and classes. We explore the latest beauty breakthroughs, trends, and creatives as we celebrate the ever-growing multicultural world.

The Beauté Study was created through the eyes of the multimedia creative and beauty marketer, Sterling Jones. Background in Art History and Beauty Marketing, Sterling loves to write about the latest products, cultural trends, and lifestyle brands. Originally from Atlanta, she was always interested in the ever-growing city filled with diverse voices and backgrounds. In the ever-changing city, she watches trends come & go.

Sterling has held positions at Estee Lauder Companies, Dillards, L’Occitane en Provence, NC Magazine and Glossē Magazine. Sterling also has written for publications such as NC Magazine, The Dev and The City, and The Black Wellness Community.

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