Reflective Journaling Questions

In the last few posts, it has been on a path of reflection and change. This post follows that same mindset as we are now at the six month mark of the year.

Feel free to use these reflection work questions as journal prompts to better yourself. I would also love for you to stay tuned into the Book Club because each one of you are being amazing things to the table! And a surprise may be coming soon!

Why do you want a better life for yourself now?

What drives you to create this beautiful life for yourself?

Are you building a solid foundation for your future self and your desired life?

Are you ashamed of anything that you have? Why is that? Is it something that you could change or accept?

How are you rewarding yourself for your hard work? Or do you overindulge yourself?

What is your level of boundaries? Is it something you need to work on? (Author’s Note: Covid has messed this up for everyone. Be careful how you answer this. Do pre-Covid and during.)

What did you learn about womanhood from the women in your life? What did you learn about manhood from the men in your life? What did you learn about people  in both groups?

If there is anything that you could go back to in your childhood, what would it be? Would you be able to recreate it today as an adult?

Do you ever feel the need to be busy all the time? Why is that?

Are you hiding something from yourself? What it is? What are you running away from the most instead of facing it?

Do you ever have moments of reflection to enjoy the silent of your thoughts?

What does failure look like to you? How does it make you feel when you fail?

What is something that’s holding you back? Is it external or internal? Do you have a grudge that you are holding onto?

I hope these questions are helpful to you! This month’s topic has been heavy in reflection as the sign of Cancer highlights ego, will, family values, memory and the home. If you are someone who doesn’t follow astrology, the six month out of the year is a good reflective point and this is where businesses change many things during their third quarter of the year.

Stay blessed,