Sense of Self: Find your Identity & Code of Behaviors

As today’s society continues to fall into despair, the understanding of self is more important than ever. In Western society, there is an understated expectation that you always are searching for results. This is not possible for the mental health of ourselves and the reality of life.

Today in this post, we will be discussing the power of self and how to develop your codes of behavior in today’s society.

Becoming yourself

Each one of us are influenced by something. Either it can be your family members, your friends, or your social media intake, it is a natural tendency of humanity to be influenced by behaviors we see often. This can be a positive or a negative thing for your life. You need to understand where you are position in yourself and your behaviors. Let’s take a look now.

Action Step: Take a step back and close your eyes. You can envision what your life looks like right now. Go through moments of what your daily routine, who you talk to every day, what your knowledge base is, and how you end your days.

Once you open your eyes, take a 15-minute writing session to write out honestly to yourself what you have seen. Next, close your journal and don’t come back to it for two days. You want to continue to go through your days and come back to reflect on them afterward.

Usually, once you have done this exercise, you can begin to see the patterns of behavior that you have. Either you have behaviors as that you like about yourself, don’t like, or neutral to. Take a moment to write those down after your reflective period.

The idea of becoming yourself is more important to you right now. Trends are happening where everyone is telling you to become the “main character of your life.” I am here to tell you that it is reality. You can be self-focused right now in becoming that ultimate self.

Developing your code of behavior

Each one of us is in a different position in life. What relates to me may not relate to you. You need to decide what your values are in life. Why? These values are an essential part to how you engage in the world. They bring you strength in whatever you aim for in life. These values tell you when to say yes or no, and what brings you happiness in life. Start today in building your own self values.

Action Step: Take another moment to create a list of 10 self values. Write them out into sentences and break them down into what they mean personally. You can develop this as you grow and change. However, this is going to be what I call your “why” aka “your purpose”.

When someone asks me what are my life goals, I use this central point to explain what my core mission is where ever I go in life. As I age, it may change. Why? Life goes into cycles of energy, and you need to accept that energy. If you don’t, you will be swept away in it regardless of your wishes.

Build your inner voice

Today, we have so many voices telling us what to do. However, each one of us has a core voice within us. We don’t need to self-verify if we are making the right choices while our core voice is strong. So, how do you develop your core voice?

Action step: Practice. Practice. Practice. This answer is what many people do not want to hear because they want a quick fix to their problems. However, you are different because you are here in this space. Practice is where you get to take charge and trust yourself. People do not trust themselves anymore but, you can tell once someone does. The confidence that they have is an intense aura that brings positive attention to light. People flock to them and desire to be in their presence. Do you want that strong, silent core voice?

Maybe your inner voice speaking about your identity, which was created during your development years (12-18 years old) was silenced. I am here to tell you today that voice is ready to be heard again. Take time to talk to that inner voice during meditation or listen out for what it says via writing sessions.

Your sense of self is more important than ever during this tough period. As people, we are alone more than ever. People have not taken the time to sit in silence to bask in it. It has become difficult too. The world has given them so much noise, work, and need-to-have results that it makes people anxious to not be doing ‘anything.’ Take your time and enjoy your inner voice.

Have a wonderful holiday of remembrance. Take a moment of rest like the Art of Resting says today.