How to Recognize When You’re Stuck

Everyone gets stuck sometimes. It can bring anxiety, frustration, and long periods of ruts. This ties down to mindset and your ability to move on effectively. This blog post will discuss the Growth Mindset vs Scarcity Mindset, how to recognize when you are in a rut and how to get out of it.


It begins with you. Every single situation that you deal with in life is a common factor of you in the equation. First, you must question yourself, “How does my mind reflect out I feel on the outside?” Your core beliefs and influences affect how to handle situations, talk with others and engage in social behaviors. Once you begin to understand your behaviors and desire to change them, you can begin the process of development.

Growth is defined as ‘the process of growing’ and ‘progressive development’.

Every day you are growing from your experiences and interactions with life. A positive growth mindset is focused on using these moments to improve yourself for your future. It can showcase itself in how you learn from your mistakes, how you communicate with yourself and others, or how you engage in topics that may bring you certain emotions. The opposite of this mindset is scarcity.

Scarcity means ‘the quality or state of being scarce’. Scarce means ‘not plentiful or abundant’ and ‘intentionally absent’.

Once you apply this definition to your mindset, you can see how it brings trouble into your life. A scarcity mindset thinks the lowest of the low about itself. It is intentionally negative about the state of life. It can be born from a sense of fear, emotional turmoil, and past trauma. This mindset can find itself in your romantic family and platonic relationships. One of the most poisonous ways it comes alive is in the relationship with one’s self. You can sabotage opportunities that come your way from this scarcity mindset.

The difference between them is simple as positive and negative. A push and pull between both mindsets come to the forefront. You should realize that you can have both of these mindsets at the same time. You may have a growth mindset towards your career or schooling but have a scarcity mindset from fear towards platonic and romantic relationships. It takes active work, in the beginning, to notice, understand and work on them to build for the better.


Have you found yourself in a moment where you are stuck? Ready to break down because of burnout? Well, you may require a break. Breaks are an essential part of getting out of ruts. Today’s society encourages people to constantly go, go and go. You will hurt yourself by not giving yourself time to break away and rest physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If you are starting to feel these things:

  • disoriented or froggy
  • Not have a long attention span
  • Continuously sleepy
  • Not eating properly

You may be stuck in a rut and you need to get out of it. Start by taking it day by day in reducing your workload, eating better foods, going to bed early, and saying no to things that overwhelm you. Take a moment to go for a walk and get some vitamin D that helps with seasonal depression. Enjoy what life has to offer you right now. Remember that you are rebuilding yourself up from ground zero into something better.