The 31 Days of Beauty

As Taurus season, aka my favorite season, is nowhere, we highlight what I call the 31 Days of Beauty. For my blooming Venuses, you are a shining star in your life. You need to not only act like it on the inside but on the outside too. Hence, this blog post will discuss how you can use the 31 ones of May to highlight your beauty.

Remember, beauty is not only external but internal as well. However, the blog post here is discussing external beauty.

Take Inventory

As a blooming individual, you need to be aware of how the world works. First impressions always matter. They can seal the deal by getting that position you wanted at work, making that friend, and drawing in the lover you desired. However, you need to remember these rituals are mainly for you. The benefit of your beauty ritual is developing a sense of calmness, always being prepared, and remaining calm. The bonus is the attention. Ask yourself, are you ready to teach yourself how to treat yourself in the best way? Are you prepared for that self-reflection that comes with these rituals?

Let’s begin. Take inventory of all your beauty products in your closet. Begin to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have the skincare products you need to give you smooth, moisturized, and glowing skin?
  2. Do you have the hair products you need to provide yourself with a signature look?
  3. What about your makeup – are you prepared to have your no makeup, makeup look down in 15 minutes?
  4. Do you have a signature fragrance wardrobe that you can pull out when you need to?
  5. Do you have an emergency nail kit with three signature colors that can fit any outfit and occasion?
  6. Do you have tools that you can use to give yourself a proper bath, shower, and facial if needed?
  7. Do you need any other products to help you with your body glow, like oils, tanning products, balms, or creams?
  8. Do these products fit this season of makeup like darker colors for fall, lighter colors for spring?

Write down all these questions and your answers to them. You want to take note of how you answer these questions. Why are you doing this? They can give an understanding of where you are in building your tools for your rituals. It will also give you an insight into which section of beauty you may want to begin with first: skincare, makeup, hair, fragrance, nails, glow, and hygiene.

Develop your Rituals

Once you have decided on which category, to begin with, you can develop your rituals. For example, let’s take the makeup. For the first week of this challenge, do your makeup every single day. Why? You need to see how you develop your makeup routine, how long your technique is, and what you like best. After that first week, you can see what you need the most help with and go forward from there. Yes, you may get comments on why you may be dressing up. Please ignore them. You are doing this for yourself!

For the next week, go to your Pinterest and create a board of makeup looks. Start looking from no-makeup makeup looks to evening makeup. Pinterest is a perfect companion for you to practice with it. Begin choosing a new makeup look to copy every single day. You will learn many things like how your foundation may be wrong for this season, the red lipstick you have doesn’t fit your undertone, or you cannot do eyeliner. It all takes time, practice, and close attention. As a blooming Venus, you need to feel comfortable with looking at yourself in the mirror. You need to desire yourself as the ultimate beautiful being.

In the third week, you will begin to see the process of your technique. You can start to see if you like to do makeup with your fingers, a sponge, or a brush. Maybe, you create your looks faster, from an hour to 30 minutes. It takes practice and gets comfortable wearing your makeup around the house to outside. It would be best if you saw how your skin reacts to it. It is excellent practice to see what you may need to reapply during the day.Â

As you continue this challenge, be sure to take photos of yourself. Get comfortable with seeing yourself in the camera. It is different than the mirror. You never know when you need to smile for the camera with your new makeup skills. Practice makes a better person (not perfect because we can always go up a level)!

Become Your Venus

Venus is the Roman goddess of love, beauty, sex, and fertility. Like her Greek counterpart, Aphrodite is constantly changing her look to match the ideal beauty of the person viewing her. However, we are not changing our looks to match the perfect beauty looks of others but of ourselves. Become your own Venus and your goddess of beauty.

You have a look that will never be replaced on this Earth. Building these rituals will continue to make that Venus inside of you and show it proudly. Why should you get into the habit of doing this? It is yours to keep, and it builds your standards of what you desire for beauty.

Practice your rituals weekly. You can develop days of the week where you like to make certain habits. For example, I want to wash my hair on Thursdays with my shampoos, conditioners, and oils. On Fridays, I like to do my morning bathing rituals of exfoliation, relaxation, and peace. Each one of these is a part of my Venus. I take great care of nurturing her for the better.

When will you begin to nurture your Venus? Start on May 1st for your 31 days of beauty.