The Power of Words

As the Christian Holy Bible says, “Death and power are in the life of the tongue.” Whether or not you follow Christianity, an Abrahamic Religion, or another organized religion.. the power of words and thoughts can bring you peace or villainy. This brings me to the aspect of affirmations. You may hear them today through social media. You can call them affirmations, prayers, hyping yourself up and even crazy for talking to yourself out loud.  I am a fan of using words to power myself up for the day, and I will explain to you why. 

Why do I use affirmations? 

I use them to do the following:

  • To speak positive words during a moment in my life .
  • To raise a mental set point and limited belief that is holding me back from my next stage.
  • To ask and set up a path for me in prayer and in mental calmness. 

The power of words can make a difference in your internal thinking, aka your subconscious. To visualize such thoughts, the power of words can be considered an association with thoughts. These thoughts bring me feelings that I attach to in the long-term of how I see myself. Visualize a garden of flowers, with each flower being a positive thought. Now, you can see how beautiful it is when the thoughts are positive and growing. Let’s visualize a garden of negative thoughts with weeds, dying plants, and decay. The power of affirmations and words can help rebuild a garden and clear out the negative words, thoughts, and feelings to build a blooming garden. 

How do you start understanding these thoughts? I would begin listening to yourself think or utilize a tool such as a journal to place my thoughts on a paper. You can hear and see your thoughts and understand where you stand. Next, you can meditate with a focus on stillness to listen to your thoughts and bring them forward. For those who want guided help, I recommend looking into and purchasing the time of my good friend, Keylee Miracle, who is a clinical hypnotherapist who can get to the root of your garden and help you rebuild. She has made a difference in my subconscious and grounding work practice. Affirmations are one case of such work. 

Now, let’s get into the starting questions: where do you stand in seeing yourself in your garden of thoughts? How do you talk to yourself? How do you talk about yourself to other people? Do you brush off compliments or accept them? Do you feel at ease with yourself?