How to Find Travel + Event Newsletters

In this blog post, I want to thank Neesh, a member of this beautiful group who asked this question:

“Do you have any tips on finding travel + events newsletters?”

It’s a fabulous question that I wanted to expand on in detail. So get your pen and paper ready to adapt this strategy into your life.

Before you do anything, pick a general location and topic that you want to focus on. The reason you want to do this is because you are going to narrow to specifically what you want and where you want to go. The more specific you can get will aid you while you are researching in your search engine to pull up things that you may desire.

Some Examples are food events + Atlanta GA, private members clubs + London UK , luxury travel management + New York City, volunteer groups + Houston, TX, luxury travel advisor, etc. This will give you a starting guideline to where you want to find events and newsletters.

If you have no clue where to look, start looking at luxury magazines in the luxury lifestyle, art, wine, hospitality, and travel area. A great place to start is looking at your local book store to see what magazines they have on the shelf, especially those that give you a sense of luxury (outside of Vogue, mainstream fashion magazines). Grab the ones that you have no familiarity with first.

Best Tip: When you are looking at this magazine, keep in mind when they are speaking about a place, thing or person that you are not familiar with. Google that immediately. You can find the most gold out of those. 

Next, I would also suggest a professional styled email address for contact information along with a mailing address. What I mean by professional is your name or a shorten version of your name like [email protected] or [email protected]. Try to have your first name in the email because it will give the connection an idea on how to greet you. I would only use this email as a form of networking on a newer level. If you want to outreach back to these newsletters, you do not want the email to go to an email that you do not check often.

As for a mailing address, there is a strategy that I use to work better in my favor. First, I recommend highly that you get a PO Box in an area that is not close to your home for privacy & safety reasons. Second, you can use these PO Boxes as a way to get into these select areas using the zip code. (This is for my USA ladies but, if you are international, see if you can apply this similar concept in your country).

If you want to research what is the best zip code in your city or general area, do some researching using terms like “what’s the best neighborhoods in [enter city] name” “what part of [enter city] has the highest income” etc. The US Census is a good way to find this out if you want a detailed look but, you can use Google. Once you find a list of zip codes, search for places that have PO Boxes in that area and invest in one. From there, you can use them on the newsletter addresses, if you are asked for your address at an event, etc. I call it play the “zip code game” here.

Best tip: If you can hang out in the area of your new ‘zip code;, it will benefit you in the long run. You can become a ‘local’ by knowing the ins and outs of the area while out to meet new people. 

Finally, you need to choose the number of newsletters you want to sign to you to begin. I suggest signing up to at least 3 different ones to get a general idea of the flow of how each newsletter is published (daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) You do not want to overwhelm yourself with newsletters and research once you begin.

Start planning to try an event once a month at least. You want to get back into the flow of things. I have found events from Eventbrite, and Yelp. Meetup is another great app to use as well. Once you start going out, you will meet people who may invite you to another event.

You want to place yourself in the mindset of developing your little black book like in our series. 

Starting List:

Quintessentially (the private member’s club I shown in our community)

Spectator Life Magazine (UK Based – lifestyle)

Elite Traveler Magazine (lifestyle)

Yelp Elite (private aspect of Yelp)

The Cultivist (art private membership)

Editorialist (lifestyle focused)

Sheer Luxe (lifestyle editorial)

Tatler (UK based – luxury lifestyle [ignore the gossip aspects])