How to Become a More Culture-Defined aka Well Rounded Person

In this blog post, I would like to thank Lola for bringing this topic to focus on becoming a well-rounded person. Before we begin, I want you to know that you are already a well-rounded individual. You have thoughts and feelings, likes and dislikes, and adventures that no one can take away from you.

Beginning Steps

First, you should begin writing down what you do already have that makes you unique. Next, you want to go through whatever goal list or vision you have and write it down. Now, we can begin here.

Example of who you may be now

  1. I love going to museums and looking at different artwork.
  2. I love to listen to pop music, classical and jazz because it makes me feel good. The history of the music is interesting too.
  3. I enjoy learning more about strategy as a hobby through books, films, and games.

Example of who you want to become (not my goals but an example)

  1. I am learning to be healthy and actively work on myself & body. I take the time to walk every day.
  2. I want to become more knowledgeable about horror films. I will create a Letterbox or a film journal to comment on and keep track of each. (See Jamice for example!)
  3. I want to experience more classical music outside of the radio. I will try different levels of shows from my local theatre, online shows on Youtube, and supporting a theatre with an online membership (see example here!)

Remember, you have the time to get to know things. You do not have to rush to become a person with a million different hobbies. Treasure having fun building your hobbies. Why? You are the one doing them. The end goal should be personal enjoyment. It is not fulfilling if you are creating a hobby for the ability to boast 24/7.

How to Find these Hobbies in Places

Once you plan out where you want to go, you can find out where these places are. Take a moment to research in an online search engine ‘[your event goal here]’ and head to at least three different websites to sign up for their newsletters. You can read more in-depth about this process here in the post “How to Find Travel + Event Newsletters”.

Test yourself on trying out these events in real life by yourself. Give yourself a goal of how many people you could talk to or how long to stay at the event. Own loving your own company. You do not have to share every single hobby with someone else.

How to Become Well Rounded Through Different Media

Become a lover of researching new material for my self-education. You should be too! There are a couple of ways you can utilize books, films, and media to help you.

You can always remain a student. Someone will always know more than you about your hobby. This is okay and let go of the perfection here.

Utilize the resources around you. You have these materials at hand:

  1. Your phone to search materials
  2. A local library to check out books or utilize digital resources
  3. A local bookstore to purchase books
  4. Any podcast platform to listen to new shows on new topics
  5. Video platforms like Netflix or Youtube for films, and content creators discussing your new hobby

The last thing you can do is ask someone for help. Remember to ask the person who is willing to offer assistance. The best practice is to come to them with what you have already researched on your own. One of the best quotes I have heard was, “Try three before me.” One of my teachers changed my thinking with this quote. You can apply this by trying three different sources before asking someone.


As a recovering perfectionist, I would like to tell you to remain curious about your hobbies and loves. If you forget something, that is okay too. You can relearn it again. You may find different insights and thoughts this way. Learn, adapt and shift if needed. It is your life that you are building for yourself, no one else.