4 Lessons I’ve Learned from Moving to a New City

In this blog post, I will be sharing lessons that I have learned from moving to a new state. It’s been six months since I have moved to New York, and it has been a fantastic experience this far. If you take one thing away from this post, enjoy your experience in a new place and build your adventures.

Get to know your area

If you are moving to a new place, you need to understand. It will help to know where key locations are like groceries, post office, gas, key stores, etc. It is also great to see where the higher-income places are and the lower-income places in town. You need to know where to go and where to avoid during certain times of the day or not going at all.

In the United States, there’s a familiar place that specific zip codes in cities have higher income status. Check out these zip codes by googling the highest-income neighborhoods, checking the state government website or the federal government census information. Each one of these will give you the data that you are looking for to make informed choices.

Join community groups like volunteering, religious or non-profit

These are perfect examples of getting to know your area. I am in a women’s only club focused on non-profits and volunteering in the New York City area. This group is full of women of all ages who serve the community and network. I have met girls in this group that have connected each other to other job roles, essential restaurants, and places to go in the city.

If you are religious, do not turn now visiting churches, synagogues, or mosques. It’s a great way to get to know the community. Why? If your area is highly religious, you may find people you wouldn’t see 9-5 Monday through Friday. Plus, the community leaders in those religions are familiar with the people inside of them. I have personally been to churches and synagogues. One day I would love to visit a mosque to know the culture.

Use your community for recommendations (i.e., social media, family friends)

The best thing about social media is that you can ask others for recommendations on where to go. I have personally done this when I know I’m going to visit a new city and need food recommendations. I sometimes meet up with other people that I have met online in public spaces. There are platforms like Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp, Google that you could use to get to know your city. Even YouTube has videos of best recommendations in towns and other countries. Don’t forget to check Meetup and Eventbrite.

Document your adventures

Please, please, please document your adventures. Take photos and videos for keepsakes when you are on them. As a young woman, I love to document my solo adventures. I have recently developed an adventure photo book where I am placing my photos in and writing stories alongside them. I do not want to forget once I settle more down.

These are the lessons I’ve learned in the last six months in NY. I hope if you move to a new place in the future that you use these tips for the better.