How to Simplify Your Fashion

In this blog post, we are going to focus on how to simplify your fashion. Today, there was been an increase on finding your signature style. From capsule wardrobes to trend focused wardrobes, fashion is a statement that you can make on your own. Discover six ways you can simplify this process step by step.

Make a list of everything you have in your closet

Your closet is a piece of you. It shows the world a reflection of your personality and your environment. To begin, you need to take stock of what is happening in your closet.

It is much easier to understand where you are in your wardrobe dreams when you list out what you have. It is helpful once you begin to organize and shop for other things to help you.

The goal is to create a wardrobe that you love the most! The best tip is to spend a day writing down what you have in your closet by section: undergarments, accessories, shoes, clothing (jeans, dresses, shirts, blouses, etc) and more.

Organize your clothing

After your list, you would want to begin the organization process. As the protagonist of your story, does your clothing match what your story aka your life? Place yourself in the shoes of your desired outcome!

First, take out the clothing that you wear all the time. These can be your favorites, clothing you wear for things like events, works, being comfortable and more.

Next, take out the clothing that you don’t wear often enough. Is it because of your current lifestyle or that you have no idea how to wear it? Or is it that it needs to be fixed with tailoring, buttons, etc. Be real with yourself here. It will help you in the long run.

Lastly, go through everything else in your closet that may not fit in those categories like gifted clothing, new clothing etc. Put these out of the way for the moment.

You will be focusing on the first two sections of clothing. Ask yourself what do you like about these pieces or don’t like about these pieces of clothing. Take the time to spend at least an hour of saying yes or no to the pieces that you have. Shop your own clothing and get rid of the other clothing you DON’T love.

As for the clothing you don’t know how to wear, it is time to get creative.

Build a realistic Pinterest board

Take a moment to build a fresh Pinterest board of what your desired wardrobe is. Build this board with at least 100 pins off to begin with. Why? It gives you an understanding what you truly want! Once you are done with the board, put it down and don’t come back to it for a week. Give your eyes some time to rest.

The next week, you should go through your board to remove things you no longer like on your board. Then, go through your board with the clothing that you didn’t know how to style. Would you be able to find ways to style your pieces with your board? Time to find out!

Learn more about styles you like in your closet and out (measurements, sizing etc) 

After you understand what you have in your closet and what you desire, it is time to learn about the styles that fit you best. The secret of having a good wardrobe turn into a great one is knowing exactly what you desired. For example, I know that I prefer A-Line dresses for workwear in size 8. Understanding what style you like helps you shop much faster.

Another tip you can apply is learning what your measurements are. It will help you shop for better sized clothing, understand what you can take in or not and control what your clothing looks like. Go on Youtube with a measuring tape to learn how to do this.

Learning styling based on your height 

This is a game changer to figure of what works best for your body. Once you learn your measurements, you can style based off of them. For example, petit is 5’4-5’5 and under in the United States. You can learn how to style for petit bodies using YouTube and a tailor to customize your clothing.

This also works for tall women as well to give you the balance that you need with clothing.

Ask yourself:

  • Which part of my body is longer than the other? Legs, Torso, arms etc
  • Does the balance of my clothing look off when I try on this outfit?
  • Does it need to be altered?

Utilize apps like Stylebook to aid you in your shopping

Once you have done all those steps, it is time to go shopping. However, there is a way to make your closet virtual like Cher! The app Stylebook allows your to take photos of your closet, plan out your wardrobe for the week, store your measurements and much more.

It has been the perfect companion while I am shopping for new items plus my clothing list. Nothing beats seeing what color works best with my blouse at home directly from my phone.

It keeps my budget for my clothing on track while I look my best!

All of these tips are great ones to begin your ultimate wardrobe. Remember that less is more once you begin this journey on your signature look!