Let’s Explore Lacoste, France

The Beauté Study | Let's Explore Lacoste, France

To find Lacoste, one must pass through various hills filled with vineyards and old Roman pathways. Through those hills of the Luberon valley, there is the town of Lacoste with the Chateau peaking out of the morning fog and the church bell ringing to wake up the sleepy village. Welcome to Lacoste.

About Lacoste

Lacoste is a small village town in the south of France. This area of France has great vineyards for wine like the rosé. It is also home to SCAD’s study abroad program. You can see students walking around with their sketchbooks and cameras to capture the beauty of Lacoste.

The town has a chateau that is owned by fashion designer Pierre Cardin. The building is a fortress that overlooks the town and the valley of Provence. The Chateau was created for the Marquis de Sade, who known for his erotic writing and behavior. Many visitors into the town visit the little market during the summer seasons and the Chateau all year around.

The village is perfect for those who want a little adventure. The big hills and old buildings give a mysterious life into the village. You can even explore the old caves and even interact with the locals. The local school is adorable with the little children running around with the university students.

Practice Your French

If you are looking to practice your French, this is a good place to do it. The local American university bookstore that can help you. It has English-speaking and French-speaking workers there helping answer questions about the little town. Go ahead and take a tour with the university’s guide. They will show you the beauty of Lacoste and some of the areas that are not open to regular visitors.

If you are looking for a bigger market to visit, you won’t find it here. You will have to head to Aix. It is a town 30-minutes drive away for your local produce, french baskets, and clothing. Lacoste is a perfect getaway town that you can break the fresh air and see the stars. Will you visit Lacoste one day?


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