Why Taking a Social Media Break is Good for You

Credit: Pexels

Social Media is a great tool of communication that brings new waves of content to you in seconds. Even with the advantages of social media, there are negative sides to social media that affect people’s mental health. In a 2016 study  found that three times more of the amount of risk of anxiety and depression are among people who use the most social media platforms. Social media can affects your emotions on a deeper level. Taking a social media break is key for your health.

Take A Step Back

Burnout is real. Creating new content to a full-time job can easily burn you out. Even social media can burn you out because of all the information coming at a fast pace. Take a step back. Go ahead and delete all the social media apps off your phone. Turn off your vacation responder to all of your emails.

See if you can take a drive or a walk away from your home. We recommend using an app like Moment to help with how much you pick up your phone every day. See what apps take up most of your time.

The Challenge

Use this social media break to challenge yourself not to use your phone. If you went out of town, take the time to explore. See if you can last a whole meal without touching your phone. Get a journal to write down your thoughts and dive deep into your self-care. Make sure you are establishing boundaries between yourself and others.

Even if you aren’t in a creative rut, take a moment to realize how much you are on your phone every day. Social media can be a place of comfort but, also be a place of negativity & hardship. We would love to hear your thoughts on how social media affects your daily life. Then, go & take a break.