Trend Analysis: The Beauty Balance Podcast

The Beauty Balance Podcast

Hosts: Brittany Heath, Hannah Harris, and Sterling Jones

Goal: In SCAD’s Beauty and Fragrance program class 420, we created a beauty-focused podcast that discussed a current trend in the beauty industry.

Host Site: Anchor by Spotify

Topic Premise and Scope

Business goals and Social Impact

Over the past few years, companies have invested in new ways to reinvent their business models to be more consumer driven. This meant conducting social listenings, incorporating new consumer targeting tools, and treating each consumer’s unique need as a bottom line. However, due to a new wave of self realization and the social upheaval brought on by 2020, we are now demanding even more bandwidth from businesses. Leaders in beauty and beyond must set an even higher standard in order to earn consumers faith and investment in them. Businesses are now charged to balance their business goals with high impact social initiatives that go beyond performative activism.

Episode 1: Balancing Business and Social Impact Diversity

Length: 12min, Extended Cut 19min

Join us on the Beauty Balance Podcast episode one as we redefine what it means for brands to make meaningful change, what it should look like and what it would mean to us as individuals of color. Explore our personal stories and recounts of inclusion in our industries and stay tuned as we share what the future of social impact should be.