Virtuously Elegant: A Mock Ad Campaign Inspired by Filippa K

About the Brand

Filippa K is a Swedish fashion brand that we inspired by to create this campaign. Where the everyday meets high fashion, Filippa K treasures the simplistic art of styling through sustainable fashion in materials, production, recycling, and ethics.


Our goal was to establish the brand as a voice for natural beauty and to own your insecurities.


We completed this campaign in one week.


We create a brand campaign inspired by Filippa K with three ad deliverables, three media buys, digital marketing materials, and a process book.

Our Team

Art Direction: Esteban Leyva
Photography: Esteban Leyva
Motion Media: Esteban Leyva and Valeria Galipoli
Graphics: Esteban Leyva and Sterling Jones
Hair and Makeup: Valeria Galipoli and Sterling Jones
Styling: Madison Henry
Copywriting: Esteban Leyva, Sterling Jones, and Madeline Thames
Models: Sterling Jones, Valeria Galipoli and Sebasatian Solbola
Professor: Oscar Betancur, Fashion Marketing and Management 210

Media Buys

Digital Marketing Campaign



To see my process book, check out on Behance.