The Sterling Letter: My Year of 24, End of TSS Membership and Lessons Learned


As May comes to its mid-point, I have welcomed the end of a chapter within my life. As my birthday has come past, I say goodbye to the year of 24 and accept the year of 25. In the past year alone, I have learned many lessons that have bought me joy, heartache, happiness, sadness, and self-love. It was my first full year of being alone in a new state. It is one of those years with moments that I will always cherish forever. I call it the year of being seen. 

Lessons Learned

The top three lessons I have learned this year include studies around self-growth and development. In my year of being seen, I developed a refined taste of self-confidence without materialism, external growth, and the need for productivity. I enjoyed learning to live in the now with gratitude, happiness, and a peaceful mind. I will share my top three lessons below:

  1. Daily gratitude and meditation are essential for positive thinking and learning.
  2. Clearing out and setting boundaries of what you do & do not want is necessary to welcome – what you truly want.
  3. It is okay to let go of things that no longer make you happy, serve a purpose in your life, and close a chapter.

These lessons are the general themes of my growth in the past year that I am happy I have learned. As I grow and develop with ideas, hobbies, and creative flows, I always reach inward to remind myself of the gratitude of who I am, what I have, what I do, and how I think & do things in life. Life can be rewarding – if you let it be fruitful versus trying to pick the fruit early.

The End of TSS Membership

As a creative, it’s always a happy but sad moment when you end projects. As of today, I put an end to the Sterling Study Membership. I want to thank you to those who have joined the membership as a member and then later became a patron. When I began TSS, I was in a space where I wanted to continue to teach, share, and develop my thoughts amongst a community of chosen people who wanted to join in their capital in life. It was a joy to receive questions, develop my thoughts into essays, connect with others through digital platforms, and form a book club. I am closing this chapter with a happy heart that I have done my part in this world – to teach those interested in honoring their self-capital, seeing beauty everywhere in life, and honoring themselves by putting the work into themselves.

All the essays apart of the membership will be made public to share amongst the world. What am I doing next? I continue writing and developing my work on beauty capital in different formats. I am excited to join this next stage in life. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy your days of summer.