How’s Your Relationship with the Internet?

In the last two months, I have questioned my relationship with the internet. It’s a glorious tool that has brought me and others to new communities, hobbies, and topics. As an older Gen Z, I grew up from my early tweens to the present day on the internet. I remember fondly when my friends and I all signed up for Instagram in high school.   Yes, the internet has a good side and a wrong side formed by the users that have used it over time. However, today’s writing is focused on creativity and the internet. How’s your relationship to your imagination, and how has the internet affected it – positive and negative?

As a creative, I have had positive and negative responses to my creativity from what I have seen on the internet. Positives: Recognition, Creative Output, Exploration. Negative: Jealousy, Fear, ‘Imposter Syndome’. Both are two sides of the coin in being a creative in today’s age. As a doer, I want to bring this idea forward to you if you are living in limbo: Time will continue onward no matter what you produce. Put your first foot forward with your idea.” As this is a short essay, I would leave you with this thought.

Questions for You

Your favorite artists have produced and created many versions of their work. Next, they may have one thing that’s their signature. Reflect on your beginnings on the net with your interests. What makes you satisfied with the internet? Why? What makes you frustrated with the internet? Why? How will I use the internet now and in the future? How much of your feelings on the internet relate to trying to hide yourself and be someone else? Where do you find yourself in moments of comparisons to others on the internet? Finally, I leave these starter questions for you to think on and write about on your own.