Galentine’s Day 2021 Gift Guide

Galentine’s Day 2021 is a fun twist on Valentine’s Day. Originally Valentine’s Day was for the lovers, but what about friendship-based love? I love spending time with my friends and making sure that they feel adored as well. Here are some ideas on how to spend your Galentine’s Day with your loved friends. 

Galentine's Day 2021 01 | Ava Piper & Co.
Credit: Ava Piper & Co

Take a Calligraphy Class

It doesn’t hurt to learn a new skill this Galentine’s Day with your friends. From learning how to sign your notes beautifully, it shows that you are putting in the effort to care more about the person receiving them. Ava Piper & Co. is one of those fantastic companies that provides calligraphy instruction. This Galentine’s Day, the founder of the company, Lashay, teaches a small group in Miami, Florida, on the art of calligraphy

Gluten-Free Ricotta Zeppole w/Chocolate Dipping Sauce | Galentine's Day 2021 04 | Britt Hollie
Gluten-Free Ricotta Zeppole w/Chocolate Dipping Sauce from Britt Hollie

Attend a Cooking Class

Food is one of the most beautiful things you can do to bond with your friends and family. From how you prepare it to cook it together, it’s a beautiful partnership. One of the ways you can celebrate this year is to attend a virtual cooking class. One of my favorite cooks, Britt Hollie, is hosting a Galentine’s Day cooking session where she is highlighting Italian cuisine this year. 

a beautiful design of architecture \ Staycation at Chateau Elan Winery | Featured Image
Chateau Elan Winery & Resort

Book a Staycation

Grab your closest girlfriends and head to a nearby hotel for a nice staycation. Give yourself a chance and chance to celebrate your love for each other while seeing something new. Not only are you enjoying your vacation, but you will also be supporting the travel industry while at home. Try the hotel restaurants or head out to the country to the Chateau Elan Winery.

Galentine's Day 2021 02 | Photo by Augusto Oazi on Unsplash
Photo by Augusto Oazi on Unsplash

Rent a Theater

Even though movie theaters are not open to the general public, some theater gives their customers an option to rent out an entire theatre for their family and friends. Take advantage of this moment and rent with your girlfriends on one of your favorite movies. From AMC movie theaters, you can find yourself enjoying the big screen again.

In the end, I hope you have a beautiful Valentine’s Day and Galentine‚Äôs Day 2021. Either with your friends or your partner, make sure that it is a great one. We have learned that COVID has changed our lives. Let’s make it for the better.