Valentine’s Day 2021 Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day 2021 is coming up. It’s a great way to showcase how much you love someone through time, gift searching, and showcasing physical love. One of Valentine’s Day great things to me is gifting someone with essential gifts to support their goals. If you are looking for great gifts, take a look at these gifts.

Jo Malone

Fragrance Gift Basket

A good fragrance connoisseur has at least one signature scent for the woman or man who loves fragrance. An excellent gift to send is gifting someone a gift basket of their favorite scent. A great place to begin is a brand like Jo Malone with a fragrance, candle, body creme, and more of multiple types of scents. You can make an entire basket from one scent with this brand in mind. It shows that you have taken their love of fragrances to the next level with this basket.


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Wine Subscription

For the wine lover like me, support their love of wine with a gifted wine subscription. Wine is an excellent gift for a lover of hosting. Yes, we may not be hosting anything soon. Learning more about wine is a great way to become more cultured and familiar with food pairing. Start with these options,  for entry lovers Winc Subscription and for more serious wine lovers, Cellars Wine Club.

Vinovest Wine Investments

Wine Investments

For those who are not wine drinkers or are, you are giving them a gift of a lifetime by investing in wine. Fine wine investment is something that never goes out of style. Many celebrities are getting into creating their wine brands. A company you can try is Vinovest to invest in fine wine investment. Of course, this is not financial advice.


Color Analysis

Have you ever thought about the perfect colors you need to have in your wardrobe tailored to you for fashion lovers? It would help if you got a color analysis done by a professional Color Analyst. From the color of your hair to clothing, everything is affected by the value of color. Gift your fashionista a virtual consultation with a color analyst like from Couture Color Analysis.

Ava Piper & Co Blooming Subscription

Luxury Flower Arrangement

Yes, flowers are a classic Valentine’s day gift that should gift every week of our lives. However, a luxury flower arrangement is something entirely different than our weekly flower trip to the market. You can custom your flowers with special dyed ones in design. One of my favorite companies that I found was Ava Piper & Co in Miami, which has beautiful flower arrangements. Not to mention, you can invest in a luxury flower arrangements subscription with Ava Piper & Co for your loved one for the rest of the year. Valentine’s Day gift!

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Customized Memory Photo Book

As Covid has taken over our lives, we have learned to focus more on our families and ourselves. To celebrate those moments over the years, create your own customized memory-focused photo book. Share the moments between the two of you or a particular family member that your loved one may have lost. It shows that you care about them and their feelings towards those memories.

This Valentine’s Day is a great time to cherish those memories with your loved one. From choosing any of these gifts, it highlights how you treasure your loved one in your life. Happy Valentine’s Day!