The Sterling Letter: Seek Beauty In Your Harvest


Welcome to The Sterling Letters.

Happy July. For those new to the blog, welcome, and those who have returned — welcome back. This month’s letter to you is a re-introduction and a shining light of why I created The Sterling Study in the first place. As a creative being, I understood the need for a creative outlet. The emotional charge and physical change to create is something that I have always had as a child.

This led me to the joy of beauty, the joy of creation, and the love of the arts. I found myself seeking joy and pleasure through everyday things. Why? Life is made to be enjoyed, to live your greatest and seek your favors amongst the creation of this universe. Summer shows me yearly that the joys of living with the beauty of the sun, children’s faces, and the warm waters are welcoming to everyone. In this note, I remind you to take this last month of physical summer as a break to de-stress.

Life has been harsh on many in the last two years. It has shown in our physical, mental, and emotional struggles. It is one of the reasons why I became more attached to living to my greatest and enjoying time as I make it. A reminder of the motto of The Sterling Study is — “Where The Strategy of Beauty is a Life Well Lived.”

But what exactly does this mean? I am dedicated to the arts of beauty and the pleasures it brings us daily. Beauty is something that you can partake in everywhere you are. It can be an act of solitude or an act of community. It’s not only physical actions of beautifying yourself. It can be what you see and seek beauty as. I found joy in being a tastemaker and reminding myself to enjoy that beauty if I want to share or not.

As fall returns to its harvest soon, I remind you that you have something fruitful this year in your harvest. The ability to change, live, and grow is the fruit of this year. The past two years have shown you this ability to change. However, what you choose to do with this fruit will decide how the rest of your year will flourish. May you enjoy your fruit and enjoy this letter as something that you can keep in your back pocket — just for you.

Seek the Beauty in Your Harvest,

Sterling Jones
The Founder of The Sterling Study