How to Build a Reading Schedule

books everywhere for reading

Reading is one of my ultimate favorite past times since I was a child. It is a great way to learn something new, enter a new world and have a peaceful moment to yourself. Have you been finding yourself wanting to read more this year or trying to finish your yearly goal for books? Continue reading to learn how to build your reading schedule!

Whether if your goal is to…

  1. Read more
  2. Get through a series of text quickly and effectively
  3. Build your attention span
  4. Or just enjoy reading again.

This blog post is for you!

First you want to build a goal. Either it is something like reading a book that you have always wanted to read or excited enjoy to dive into a subject, you have to make the active choice to read with purpose.

Yes for those who are in university who may dislike the book choice, push through it! The end goal is much better than you think. 

To continue this goal, you want to break down how often do you want to read. Do you want to read 10 pages, 20? Give yourself a starter goal of how much you want to read and how often like daily, twice a week etc. Reminder this is reading time only – not read while you are scrolling through your email and social media. Your attention span cannot handle it and it will not remember well enough what you are reading. 

Then, decide what time of day and where you are going to read? To build your habit for your schedule, it’s helpful to choose a time of day when you read and where. Humans naturally run on routines and habits – plus it will become the norm for you to do. 

Here’s where I tell you if you are reading for pleasure or self research and you don’t like the book, you can close it and move onto another book. 

When you are building the habit of reading again like how you scroll on social media, it is much easier for you to enjoy, If you are having a tough time of reading a counted number of pages, try free reading as much as you can in 10, 20 or 30 minutes. You can create it as your personal time. 

Lastly, I have discussed this previously in my monthly reads for May video that I love to schedule my books into what I call themed reading. I create a theme for the month on books to read and it makes it more enjoyable for me to dive more into a subject for a month instead of hopping around. I can do another in depth video on this if you are interested. 

To recap…

  1. You must have a starter goal to read with purpose
  2. Break down how you want to achieve your reading either by page numbers, or a free reading timed session
  3. Build a place and a time where you are reading like your daily morning reading time on your couch
  4. Try themed reading where you chose a theme for the month…

That’s how you can begin reading with purpose! Take your time building each part of these goals into your daily reading life. It will help you in the long run to join the reading world again!